Zoe Gabriel aka Charles & Keith girl responds to allegations that she’s pretending to be poor

"We are not rich, but we definitely have enough for our needs," Zoe's father said.

Natalie Teo |
April 17, 2023, 4:40 pm

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TikToker Zoe Gabriel, who went viral in January this year after the Internet dragged her for calling Charles & Keith a “luxury” brand, has posted a video clarifying her family’s financial circumstances.

This comes after allegations on social media emerged that Zoe and her family were more well-off than they claimed to be.

If you recall, Zoe had replied to one of the mocking comments on her original video, explaining that she had considered the S$80 Charles & Keith bag that her father had bought her a “luxury” as her family “did not have a lot” growing up.

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Since then, Zoe has become a bit of a star, securing a modelling gig with the brand, as well as a collaboration with budget carrier AirAsia.

Family’s circumstances called into question

With her newfound fame, it seems, Zoe has also acquired herself some haters.

A Facebook post by one Serene Ho, which has more than 2,000 shares, alleges that Zoe is “not as poor as she makes herself out to be.”

The post includes two screenshots from the comments section of local publication MustShareNews by another user, Elaine Song, who questioned Zoe’s father’s ability to support his children if he were “truly financially unstable”.

Elaine concluded that Zoe was either “emotionally manipulative” or that her father, Donny, was “financially negligent”.

Serene also included screenshots from Donny’s LinkedIn profile and claimed that he “probably earns more than most Singaporeans.”

Rumours swirling elsewhere on the internet had also questioned Zoe’s material possessions, such as her iPhone, as well as the holidays she’s been on.

Zoe’s response

Zoe, along with Donny, took to TikTok to clear the air in a minute-long video.

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Donny began by thanking the viewers and expressing his appreciation for the experiences that his family have had, before the video cuts to a written statement.

In the statement, they deny having any “dirty little secrets” and said that they were “offended, deeply hurt and affected [by] all these wrongful and false allegations.”

They also expressed their thanks towards those who have supported Zoe and their family.

“We are not rich, but we definitely have enough for our needs,” Donny said.

“For everything else… we work hard for it and we save up for it.”

“We’ve also definitely come such a long way from when we first moved here 13 years ago,” Zoe went on, thanking her dad, with Donny hastily adding, “And Mum!”

She also hoped that the video would clear up any concerns people had.

Images via Zoe Gabriel’s TikTok.

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