‘It’s okay to dislike me, but don’t drag others into it’: XiXi Lim defends fans from online trolls fat-shaming them

Rude people everywhere.

Natalie Teo |
April 12, 2023, 7:08 pm

We’re not starting a cult but some followers on Instagram would be nice. Thank you.

Singaporean actress and host XiXi Lim has come out to defend her fans after online trolls targeted her fan club, Aprexiation.

A TikTok video by the club documenting their experience at Star Awards 2023 had racked up about 45,000 views, but also received a barrage of negative comments.

The vlog-style post showed fans waiting to enter the event venue at Marina Bay Sands (MBS), as well as their excitement at being able to catch a glimpse of XiXi on the red carpet.

Online trolls left body-shaming comments

All very heartwarming, but this is the Internet. And the Internet disappoints often enough.

While the comments section on the post is filtered, the admin of the account shared some of the comments that she had received, attacking both XiXi and her fans for their weight.

While XiXi said that she is “usually not affected by comments” as she had chosen to put herself out there, she asked that people not attack her fans.

“I KNOW I AM OBESE, I’m working on it,” she continued, adding that any changes she was trying to make would not happen overnight.

She also shared her wishes for a more “inclusive and receptive” world, saying that she’s in the media industry to “create a voice for the unheard and my community.”

The actress went on in Chinese:

“Of course I know that I’m no beauty, but I’m happy, and I’ve decided to bring happiness to everyone.

I thank those that have received my happiness. I’m not the idol type, and have no wish to be. I hope everyone can be kinder. It’s okay to dislike me, but don’t drag others into it.

Everyone has a right to choose, and if you don’t like me you can tap the ‘X’ button, it doesn’t affect me. I am fat and I also have a strong heart, I can take it.”

She also clarified that she was posting these screenshots not to solicit sympathy for herself, but to raise awareness of cyberbullying.

No stranger to hurtful remarks

This is unfortunately not the first time that the actress has had to deal with fat-shaming comments from people on the Internet.

In June 2022, XiXi publicly responded on her Instagram stories to an anonymous user who had sent her multiple messages targeting her weight.

She clarified that she had never encouraged or endorsed being plus-sized, but it was still important for one to love and embrace themselves while working towards a goal.

In an interview with local video platform Viddsee, XiXi shared that many people around her were sceptical when she told them about her plans to join the media industry, as she did not fit the image of a typical female lead.

That scepticism, she said, has motivated her to push herself to make it in the industry.

XiXi also talked about being inspired by a memorable model who had a gap in her two front teeth.

“Oh, she’s different. Which is why I remember her. So to me I’m like, ‘Oh, if I can remember her because she’s different, it means that she’s unique. So why can’t I make my size a plus point?'”

Nevertheless, she acknowledged the need to lose some of the weight, not just to look “pretty”, but because of the potential health risks.

“While you are working towards your desired goal, you have to learn to love yourself. No one is going to come to me and tell me I’m a goddess. But I tell myself that.”

Images via aprexiation/TikTok and XiXi Lim’s Instagram.

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