NOC co-founder Sylvia Chan training to be life coach

A new chapter.

Fasiha Nazren |
May 25, 2023, 12:02 pm

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Anyone on the internet in 2021 would have known about the Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) saga.

Since then, both founders have moved on in their professional lives.

Ryan Tan founded two businesses: the YouTube channel Overkill Singapore and F&B management Belly Empire.

Sylvia Chan, on the other hand, founded the media company Savour365 and is also the regional head of content and IP in Asia for influencer marketing company Gushcloud.


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Training to be life coach

Soon, she will be a full-fledged life coach.

In an Instagram Story from May 20, Sylvia said that her “most exciting project” is studying to be a life coach and that she’s ready to take on clients.

“What can you expect? Me using all my life experience, work experience, divorce experience, saga experience, consultant experience, entrepreneur experience, creator experience, creator experience — I’m utilising ALL my knowledge PLUS my NEW life coach training to help you with your issue on hand!”

Screenshot from @sylsyl.chan on Instagram.

Sylvia explained that she is doing life coaching as she has received “many requests” to share her learnings on everything that has happened.

However, she feels it is important to pick up a new skill on top of all that she already knows.

She aspires to direct her coaches to a “better place”, and give advice that are “tangible and actionable” in addition to sharing her “epic stories and lessons”.

Screenshot from @sylsyl.chan on Instagram.

From S$35 to S$88

She said she is graduating from her life coach training in July 2023 and is offering 1-on-1 coaching before she “opens [her] doors” officially.

According to her sign-up form, the one-hour coaching session is going at a flexible rate of between S$35 to S$88, depending on how much a client is financially able to commit.

These sessions will also be recorded and submitted for evaluation as part of Sylvia’s coursework. Her master coach will have access to these recordings to assess her response to these calls.

However, Sylvia clarified that future sessions will stay between the client and her once she graduates from the course.

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NOC co-founder Sylvia Chan training to be life coach

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