Influencer & tuition teacher Brooke Lim, 19, responds after being accused of lying in media interview

Part 3.

Mandy How |
April 28, 2023, 3:49 pm

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Things, unfortunately, are not over for Brooke Lim.

The 19-year-old influencer and tuition teacher was first embroiled in a plagiarism case, where she admitted to copying published authors in her essay on battling an eating disorder.

She has since apologised.

S’pore influencer & tuition teacher Brooke Lim, 19, responds to allegations that she plagiarised essay on eating disorder

Afterwards, Brooke was accused of copying another content creator’s (Jiabao) material on teaching GP (General Paper).

She responded by denying most of these allegations, and Jiabao later apologised for her tone but did not retract her accusations.

S’pore influencer & GP teacher Brooke Lim, 19, now accused of copying another content creator, which she denies

Now, Brooke is once more the subject of scrutiny after an interview was published on Rice Media on Apr. 26, titled “It Feels Like A Fever Dream”: Tutor Influencer Brooke Lim Doesn’t Have Any Excuses”.

In the article, the influencer is described as “puffy-eyed” and “tucked away at home”—a contrast to her “bright-eyed enthusiasm” when Rice spoke to her a few months ago.

The purpose of the interview, according to Rice, was for Brooke to apologise and “say her piece.”

One of the questions posed was: “How has the last few days been for you?”

Brooke replied that she’s been teaching as usual, but remains open to chat with her students about the situation in a transparent manner.

She added:

“I’ve also been reaching out to my former students who graduated last year and apologising.

Parents and students alike have been extremely supportive. I’m really grateful for that. We’ve made it very clear that if any student wishes to quit the centre, we’ll process the request and send them the full refund (if any) within a week, no questions asked. No student has left the centre.”

But this particular chunk did not sit well with Reddit.

A thread has emerged, claiming that Brooke did not actually address the situation with her students like how she claimed in the interview:

Another user who apparently knows a student at Brooke’s tuition centre alleged that the student was not given the option to withdraw:

It was also pointed out that the FAQ page of Classicle Club, as Brooke’s tuition centre is called, states a no refund policy.

When Babelfish checked the page on Apr. 28, however, this section appears to have been removed.

The OP (original poster) of the first thread also provided an update that the students had actually been given the option to quit, but there was no mention of a refund:

Brooke’s response

When Babelfish reached out, Brooke provided a statement on the accusations, saying that:

  • She has personally informed her students both in class, and during after-class discussions. However, Brooke did not specify what was verbally communicated during these sessions.
  • Her team has reached out with a detailed announcement and apology, assuring students that the incident will not affect their learning experience in anyway.
  • The announcement includes a message that those who wish to quit may drop them a message, and refunds will be pro-rated.

You can read her full statement here:

“[…] I have personally informed my students both in class, during after-class discussions. My team has also reached out with a detailed announcement to apologise sincerely for any concerns that this may have caused them as a student and assure them that we remain committed to providing them with the best possible learning experience and that the incident will not impact our commitment to them and the quality of our learning experience in any way.

To be specific, the message concludes with ‘If you have any additional queries or wish to quit the centre, please do not hesitate to drop us a message. A refund, if any, will be pro-rated and processed based on the date of your last class. We are always here to help and support you in any way we can.'”

Top image via Brooke Lim’s Instagram.

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