Single’s Inferno 2 couple Jo Yoong-jae & Choi Seo-eun to host S$83 fan meeting, gets backlash

Oh no...

Fasiha Nazren |
January 19, 2023, 7:40 pm

It’s been more than a week since Single’s Inferno 2 concluded, and those who are abnormally invested might be wondering if the couples who got out of inferno are officially dating.

*Here’s a spoiler alert… Although I question how you’ve been avoiding spoilers for the past week or so…*

The first couple to make their relationship Instagram official was Kim Se-jun and Lee So-e.

Photo from @asser__kim.

On a Jan. 12 Instagram post, Se-jun wrote in his caption: “Please give our So-e a lot of love. She’s such a lovely girl. Please be nice to her, everyone.”

Choi Jong-woo also posted photo strips of him and Shin Seul-ki on Jan. 14.

Photo from @jvvcful on Instagram.

The latest couple to make it Instagram official is Jo Yoong-jae and Lee Seo-eun, who both posted pictures to their Instagram on Jan. 18.

Photo from @yoongkda on Instagram.

Fan meeting on Feb. 11

These Instagram posts also happen to be promoting the couple’s upcoming fan meeting.

Photo from @yoongkda on Instagram.

Organised by Union Pictures, the fan meeting will take place on Feb. 11 at M Pot Hall.

According to the post, the roughly 80-minute-long event will include Yoongjae and Seoeun showing behind-the-scenes content, as well as a giveaway for the fans.

Tickets cost ₩77,000, which is about S$82.70.

Earlybird ticketholders will get front seats to the event and an autographed fan meeting poster.

Backlash from netizens

While some online users fawned over the couple’s pictures, many were also questioning their intentions behind holding a fan meeting.

“You’re trying to do business just because you appeared on television. Do you think you’re a celebrity?”

“Your image completely shattered. What???”

“I was cheering for you and liked you, but a ₩77,000 fan meeting [means it’s] all about money. I’m disappointed… Seriously, why?”

Cost breakdown

Just hours after the announcement of the fan meeting, Yoong-jae and Seo-eun both uploaded a follow-up post breaking down why a ticket costs ₩77,000.

They said that there would be “no big profit” from the event itself, after excluding the following costs:

  • Rental fee for a small-sized theatre by Hakdong Station in Gangnam
  • Labour cost for Union Pictures, the organiser of the event
  • Production cost for gifts that will be given to all participants
  • Other operational expenses

The couple added that they have agreed to only receive a token sum enough to cover transportation expenses.

The purpose was to spend time with the 100-odd fans attending the event, they said, and to go live for those who can’t make it.

Yoongjae and Seoeun also apologised for their actions.

“It seems that our intentions were misunderstood, but we also recognise that we are at fault for the lack of explanation.

We will be more careful with our behaviour in the future.”

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Single’s Inferno 2 couple Jo Yoong-jae & Choi Seo-eun to host S$83 fan meeting, gets backlash

Oh no...

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