S’pore TikToker calls out influencer’s bad behaviour at PR event

He declined to name her.

Natalie Teo |
May 23, 2023, 4:30 pm

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TikToker Abraham De Laure (@abrahamdelaure) uploaded a video to the platform on May 20 calling out the bad behaviour of another influencer at a public relations (PR) event that they both attended.

To date, the video has more than 116,000 views and 921 shares.

What happened

The incident, according to Abraham, went like this:

He was invited to a PR event alongside other influencers, singers and actors.

A server then approached the influencer in question saying that she was a “big fan”, and requested to take a photo with her.

The influencer allegedly responded: “Let me eat first. After that, I’ll come to take [a] photo with you.”

After the server left, however, Abraham said that the influencer turned to her friends and remarked: “Even at PR events they don’t leave me alone.”

When one of her friends asked who she was talking about, the influencer apparently referred to the aforementioned server as a “four-eyed girl”.


Someone should really teach her kindness and respect #tiktoksg #fyp

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The incident did not sit well with Abraham, who exclaimed in his video: “What on earth did this girl just say?”

He raged: “I was this close to going to tell her, that everybody has a forehead, but you have a seven-head. But did anybody complain about it?”

Abraham continued:

“You can look very beautiful on the outside, but on the inside if you’re not kind and respectful to other people, you’re basically nothing. Your character is zero.”

He ended the video with some advice for the influencer to appreciate her fans more:

“These people who look up to you, they are the ones who are getting you your platform and your sponsored deals.”

“Singapore influencer giant forehead”

While he did not name the influencer, the description of a “seven-head” has led to people speculating that it might be an online personality with a large forehead.

Even TikTok’s suggested search for the video reads: “Singapore influencer giant forehead”.

TikToker Daisy Mitchell (@daizamazze) also commented that someone had sent her the video asking if she was the person Abraham was referring to, saying: “My forehead is not THAT big.”

Several commenters have also asked Abraham to name the influencer or at least give a clue.

However, Abraham declined, saying that “it’s her rice bowl at the end of the day”.

Top image via Abraham De Laure’s Instagram and TikTok.

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