People recognise Ryan Tan’s ‘bachelor pad’ in PropertyLimBrothers’ S$2 million penthouse listing

Unit for sale.

Natalie Teo |
May 3, 2023, 5:07 pm

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Do you fancy living in a “rustic atmosphere” close to Yio Chu Kang with “greenery views”?

If you also have S$2.08 million to spare, well, Night Owl Cinematics founder Ryan Tan’s penthouse is apparently on sale.

‘No health, no friends, no money, no career’: Ryan Tan talks life after the NOC saga

Since the NOC saga, Ryan has been candid about his financial woes, once saying that he was “officially broke“.

After leaving his previous company, he said, he lost about 90% of what he used to have, while still having to pay “rental, salary, loans, bills and legal [fees]”.

Despite having less now however, Ryan has said in a recent podcast that he feels happier as he has “no relationship problems” and less to lose.

House tour

In a video posted by real estate company PropertyLimBrothers on Apr. 24, CEO Melvin Lim introduces the freehold duplex penthouse, located at Floraville (near Yio Chu Kang).

While the agent did not mention the soon-to-be former owner of the home, eagle-eyed commenters were able to identify it from a TikTok video as Ryan’s “bachelor pad“.

What you get when you buy a S$2.08 million penthouse

1. Two separate balconies

One can be used as an outdoor living area, while the other is suitable for al-fresco dining, according to Melvin.

The balconies are fitted with Ziptrak outdoor blinds to protect the area from rain.

2. Vinyl wood ceilings, walls and flooring

The flooring is pet-friendly too, since it’s scratch and water-resistant.

Meanwhile, Melvin says that vinyl walls make a great alternative to wallpaper, which may not be as long-lasting due to “moisture issues” in hot and humid Singapore.

3. An open kitchen

According to property site, the kitchen is outfitted with sponsored Samsung kitchen appliances such as the 595-litre Samsung Family Hub refrigerator, and the 35-litre Samsung HotBlast Convection Microwave Oven.

4. Customised furniture

The dining table and the study desk were customised to fit the width of the living area.

It is unclear though if these are included in the sale, but Melvin said that if prospective buyers like certain pieces, they can have a discussion with their client.

 5. An internal stairway

The stairway is even fitted with motion sensor lights, so you don’t have to fear stumbling down the stairs in the dark.

6. Family zone

If you have young children, Melvin recommends this area as a “mini gathering or board game area”, though it is currently set up as a relaxation zone with a massage chair.

7. Customised master bedroom

The room comes with a projector screen and automated curtains too.

8. Roof terrace

The outdoor area measures about 300 square feet. You can use it for hosting, or even turn it into a home study, the agent added.

The place also comes with facilities like pools, a jacuzzi, a gym and a BBQ pit.

Explore it yourself

Meanwhile, if you just want to be a busybody explore the penthouse yourself, you can check out the 3D tour here.

Top image via Ryan Tan’s Instagram and PropertyLimBrothers/YouTube.

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