Philosophical thoughts you might have doing grocery shopping as an adult

In conclusion, everything is expensive.

Olivia Lin |
December 23, 2022, 2:12 am

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Look at me doing grocery shopping at Cold Storage like I’m some upper middle class mom casually gathering ingredients for dinner before picking my son up from school later.

Do upper middle class moms even cook? Wait wait, did Cold Storage shift their stuff around again?! Why do they keep doing that? I was just getting used to the old layout. Now I don’t know where the fresh produce is.

S$6.70 for three apples. How much was it again at Sheng Siong? Sheng Siong is such a fun name to say out loud.

Ew, kale. People who eat raw kale probably have a totally different set of taste buds. That, or they can’t taste at all.

Damn, avocados are so expensive. Actually, everything is expensive. What am I doing here? Why didn’t I go to the wet market? Oh yes, it’s because I’m a spoiled brat.

I wonder if real people actually shop at Jason’s Marketplace. Or whatever it’s called now. The one at Paragon basement. That place feels so… out of reach.

That woman’s dress is nice. Is it from Editor’s Market?

It’s so hard to buy ingredients for just one portion of food. Especially things like spring onion. I only need about half a stalk to make stir fried noodles. How am I going to finish one whole bunch before it spoils? Maybe I should add it into every single thing I eat. I wonder if spring onion will taste good with peanut butter.

Oh yes, I need peanut butter.

Wow, there are so many types of nut butter these days. Almond butter is definitely the inferior cousin of peanut butter. Like how almond milk is the inferior cousin of regular milk. Strange, because almond itself tastes fine.

Why does everything that’s unhealthy and high in fat taste so good? Is it a punishment from God for our sins? Or perhaps we find unhealthy food appealing just because it’s unhealthy. Because it’s “forbidden”. Maybe it’s human nature. Wow, I’m so philosophical.

The recipe also calls for white pepper. I wonder if I can replace it with the black pepper at home.

I need toilet paper too. Urgh. This means I’ll have to lug the toilet paper back.

Is the price of the toilet paper brand a reflection of its quality? I remember buying cheap toilet paper once and it felt like sandpaper coated in white dust.

I have a female friend who only uses two squares of toilet paper to wipe after peeing. That seems kinda little. But then again she’s quite environmentally friendly.

Okay, at least Cold Storage placed all the household stuff in the same area.

How does laundry detergent work? Germs can’t be seen with the naked eye. How do I ensure that AT LEAST 99% of germs are gone from my clothes? I guess it’s up to myself to judge which detergent brand is telling the truth.

Ha, truth. I’ll be damned if the packaging of even just one item in this supermarket doesn’t oversell its product.

Thank god for self-checkout so I don’t have to interact with anyone.

How is it possible that my total bill is S$40.60? I thought I only had like, three items in my basket.

Look at me stuffing everything into my bag instead of using plastic bags. You’re welcome, environment.

I’m bumping into everybody with my bulky bag and toilet roll.

Actually I could’ve ordered everything online. I heard Amazon offers free delivery. Ah well, perhaps the next grocery run.

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