‘I had very minimal confidence’: S’pore woman, 32, wins US$10,000 from MrBeast birthday giveaway


Fasiha Nazren |
May 11, 2023, 2:24 pm

We’re not starting a cult but some followers on Instagram would be nice. Thank you.

Remember the whole MrBeast international birthday giveaway episode?

In his original post, the American content creator said he wanted to give away US$10,000 (S$13,262) to five followers each.

In the wee hours of May 11, MrBeast announced not five, but 10 lucky giveaway winners.

Screenshot from @mrbeast on Instagram.

That’s double the winners but hey, we normally wouldn’t get our hopes up given that millions of people from around the world joined the giveaway too.

The 10 winners are people from all over the world, including Mexico, the U.S. and  — gasp — Singapore???

One winner from Singapore

One of the winners is Sheryl Tan (Meyyen), a 32-year-old independent visual artist and graphic designer based in Singapore.

Screenshot from @mrbeast on Instagram.

On May 10, the artist posted an illustration similar to the original photo of MrBeast holding a case full of cash.


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A post shared by Meyyen | Artist & Designer (@meyyen_)

In the post, she said she will be “embodying this energy of abundance going forward”.

And we guess that worked well for her.

In an Instagram Story from May 11, Meyyen reposted MrBeast’s Instagram Story announcing her win and said that she was “hyperventilating”.

Screenshot from @meyyen_ on Instagram.

Speaking to Babelfish, Meyyen admitted she was shocked when she saw the notification from MrBeast.

“It was 3am Singapore time. I [don’t think] I was even fully awake to process the news,” she said.

In fact, she didn’t even think she stood a chance to win.

Meyyen said: “I think like everyone else, I had very minimal confidence about the odds.”

Use money for her art

And what is she going to do with the cash prize, you ask?

She will use it to take her art to a “larger audience” and participate in more local and international art exhibitions and conventions.

“I recreated MrBeast’s giveaway picture in my art style because I have a soft spot for campy things, and I’d like to believe that led me to unconsciously manifest this win.”


Who is MrBeast & why does he keep appearing on our Instagram Stories??

Top image from @mrbeast and @meyyen_ on Instagram.

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