Fundraiser for Melissa Koh’s late son hits S$34,000, exceeding S$20,000 target

Members of the public had also left many kind messages for the grieving family.

Mandy How |
April 17, 2023, 3:35 pm

Daryl Aiden Yow’s fundraiser for baby Asher has reached S$34,245.09, far exceeding his original target of S$20,000.

He kickstarted the initiative on Apr. 8, after fellow influencer Melissa Koh announced that her son had passed away.

Asher, who was one year and nine months old, was born with a heart condition that required multiple surgeries.

Daryl updated followers with the total amount collected on Apr. 16, adding that he will stop accepting contributions.

He will also be meeting Melissa and her husband, James, the following night to go through the transactions and transfer them the money.

How the funds are handled to prevent accidental misuse

Along the way, Daryl provided updates on the sum raised so far, and noted the kind messages that members of the public had left for the family.

Update on Apr. 10.

At one point, the influencer explained how he’s handling the funds to prevent them from being misused as well, after receiving a question from another Instagram user.

The funds were being collected via PayLah! or PayNow, which are connected to a new DBS account that he had set up for this purpose.

Although the account is “entirely separate” from his personal DBS account, Daryl used only cash or his Amex card during the period.

He elaborated:

“Since both accounts are linked to my iBanking app, the risk of withdrawing/using funds from baby Asher’s account accidentally (if I’m careless) is still there. And I’m not taking any chances.”

Even if he were to correct any accidentally misuse by transferring money back to the account, Daryl feels that he would still have to explain the transaction to the public.

Friends who owe Daryl money have been directing it to his partner, Glenn, instead. This is to prevent any potential confusion and ensure that all inflow of cash is meant for Melissa, according to the influencer.

Previously, Daryl has said that while he wishes to share more about why he’s doing this, he’ll leave it to Melissa to talk about it when she’s ready.

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