Kiaraakitty stopped by Korean police on the streets after someone reported her for ‘being naked’ during livestream

Swatting is not funny.

Fasiha Nazren |
April 12, 2023, 12:37 pm

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If you’ve heard of Kiaraakitty, you’d probably know her as a Twitch streamer and an OnlyFans creator.

Photo from @kiaraakitty on Instagram.

The online personality essentially uploads her day-to-day life online, including, well, being questioned by the police.

What happened

Kiaraa was livestreaming her walk on the streets of Seoul, South Korea when she was stopped by two police officers.

She was stopped because someone allegedly called the police on her for “having (her) boobs out.”

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The police began questioning her in Korean, with Kiaraa repeatedly saying that she doesn’t speak the language.

They then asked her in English where she was from, to which the streamer replied Singapore.

While the police officers were talking to each other, Kiaraa explained to them that her cleavage-baring outfit was for a cosplay party, which she was on her way to.

The police then gestured for her to cover up and she immediately obliged, while apologising and repeating her point that she was going to a party nearby.

She also emphasised that it was her first day in South Korea, and she was not familiar with the laws there.

Reported for “being naked”

In a series of Instagram Stories following the incident, Kiaraa explained that someone had apparently reported her to the police for being naked.

Screenshot from @kiaraakitty on Instagram.

Screenshot from @kiaraakitty on Instagram.

Screenshot from @kiaraakitty on Instagram.

This, she feels, is just one example of false police reports made against livestreamers, and she’s leaving the country early due to the “terrifying experience”.

While that may seem like dramatisation to some, Kiaraa’s fears are actually grounded in history.

What’s swatting?

In August 2022, four US-based Twitch streamers became victims of swatting within a week.

And we’re not talking about the chasing-an-insect-away-from-your-arm kind of swatting.

In this instance, swatting refers to a type of online harassment where trolls fabricate a crime to get armed police to show up at a streamer’s live location.

Unfortunately, swatting can be fatal.

In December 2017, e-gamer Andrew Finch was killed by a police officer when a swatter called the police on him.

The swatter reported that Andrew had fatally shot his father and held the rest of the family hostage.

An officer arrived at his house and shot him, resulting in his death.

Thankful for efficient police officers

Fortunately for Kiaraa, her case wasn’t as serious.

Despite the unpleasant experience, she said that she was thankful to the police for being so efficient.

“It was nice to know Korea police are doing their best to keep the country safe,” she added.

Top image from @kiaraakitty on Instagram.

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