A S’pore-based Twitch streamer is selling her farts in a jar for S$30. We have so many questions.

Alternative income stream.

Mandy How |
February 3, 2023, 2:27 pm

We’re not starting a cult but some followers on Instagram would be nice. Thank you.

Some argue that being an influencer is not a real job.

Unfortunately for these people, influencers — especially top-tier ones — are probably earning more than them.

Sponsorships and advertorial content aside, thousands more are waiting to be made via entrepreneurial pursuits.

Case in point: Twitch streamer and OnlyFans creator Kiaraakitty, whose real name is Cheng Wing Yee, now sells her farts in a jar.

“Farts kept in a bottle just for you,” its product description reads. The bottle also comes with a love note.

Each jar costs US$21.40 after taxes, which converts to about S$30. Shipping is free though. Yay.

One of Kiaraa’s recent customers is her friend, DJ Jade Rasif.


Babelfish is a PG website. Photo via kiaraakitty/Twitter

Photo via kiaraakitty/Twitter

We appreciate that there’s actual branding, which comes in the form of a sticker bearing “Scents & Stuff”—the name of Kiaraa’s products.

The plastic wrapper could have been twisted tighter though.

But we digress.

We have, of course, so many questions.

  • How does Kiaraa make sure the fart stays in the jar before she screws the lid on?
  • Stocks are ostensibly limited, but just how limited?
  • Is S$30 too much for what your own body can also produce? Or too little for a scent that comes from a semi-famous internet person?
  • How does one use the product?
  • How much is she making from it??

Some FAQs on Kiaraa’s site indirectly answered our questions.

On “How is the bath water made?” (another product she sells), the answer assures customers that they are getting what they paid for:

“It is genuine and Kiaraa herself prepared herself dedicatedly while taking a bath, handled with care to ensure her farts be transferred into the jug successfully and would be mail to you with lotsa love.”

Equally crucial is information on how long the smell can last.

“The scent (aka farts) can lasts between 20-30 days after opening. Make sure you have properly sealed it after opening and stored it in a cool and dry place.”

Another part of the site tells customers that it may “take some time to craft a scent jug”, so processing time may change without prior notice.

Besides bath water (which has also been sold by another Twitch streamer) and farts in a jar, Kiaraa offers the usual used lingerie (USS$270-300) and used bikinis as well (US$169).

A “Surprise Gift” goes for a staggering US$999, and it’s not clear what goes into the box. Possibly a combination of some of the products mentioned above.

While Kiaraa’s announcement was met with some disgust on Twitter, Jade had apparently implied that the number of people who bought the jar of farts was “insane”.

It’s honestly not too inconceivable, although Kiaraa’s products are a little more unorthodox than the average influencer’s, who may choose to sell clothes or cosmetics instead.

The commonality resides simply in tapping on an eager audience base to get them to part with their money.

On the subject of monetising one’s body (or in this case, something expelled from the body), Kiaraa has addressed the naysayers, although not all were convinced.


In late 2021, Twitch documents on each user’s earnings were leaked, revealing that Kiaraa had earned about S$166,000 over two years on the platform.

She was also accused of scamming seven men out of their savings, although the influencer later dismissed the rumours as “false and staged.”

Top image via Kiaraakitty’s Instagram page.

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