Did Jay Chou just take a dig at S’pore audiences during his M’sia concert?

Might be several digs, actually.

Mandy How |
January 17, 2023, 6:53 pm

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Jay Chou stopped at Malaysia for his Carnival World Tour on Jan. 15, 2023.

Post-concert, the Mandopop king received a ton of affirmation from his fans.


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Malaysian concert-goers thanked him for the great performance, raved about the good time they had, and expressed their undying support that cost them up to RM938 (~S$287) this time, excluding a booking fee.

One went as far as to say that they felt Jay’s sincerity in singing for his fans.

It’s cool and shady here

All this is quite unlike what happened after his Singapore stop in December, if you recall.

“Might as well go home and listen to a CD,” someone had said. Others complained about his poor vocals. Low level of participation. The lousy sound system. Broken light sticks.

Jay, on his part, seems to have taken the comments to heart.

One particular segment where the singer chats with his Malaysian audience has been making rounds online.

Here are the particularly meaningful bits, especially for those who had attended his Singapore leg of the tour:

“I’ll put it out here first, my IG (Instagram) is only for positive comments, because I’m a positive person, you know? So if someone comments something that is not nice, it’ll enter on this side [of the ear] and exit from the other.”

“But constructive feedback, I’ll take it in. Let me ask you guys, is the sound system here problematic?

Audience shouts “No”.

Jay raises his voice: “So is my voice clear??”

“Clear!!!” the audience responds.

“That puts me at ease. Let’s sing a few more songs.”

(Wild cheering from audience)

“Some singers disallow videography and photography at their concerts, but I’ll let everyone take as much as they want. If at any point I don’t sing well, @ (tag) me, I’ll go back and reflect on myself.

But I’ve sung so many extra songs, isn’t it only for my (emphasis in tone) Malaysian fans?

The difference between Jay’s Singapore and Malaysia’s performance was not lost on fans.

“Singapore fans are gonna be so angry 😂😂😂😂😂”


One commenter quoted Jay where he asked about the sound system, noting that the singer had read all the bad comments.

In response, another user pointed out that there were indeed issues with his Singapore concert, and it was only right that he made the necessary changes for his Malaysia show.

“So there’s no need [for Jay] to say such things to mock Singaporean fans, they’re all people who love him. It feels childish.”


Another fan who had attended the Singapore concert said that she was “very disappointed”.

She sat there waiting for an encore after the concert, but the rest of the fans had already started to leave.

“I only had a two-hour-10-minute concert with the ticket I bought, but you sang for three hours in Malaysia instead… heartbroken… 💔💔”

In conclusion: Yes, Jay was most likely taking a dig at fans from the Singapore concert. Ouch.

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