‘I refuse to die a paedophile’: Dee Kosh on why he had to tell his side of the story

He also shared the recipe for prison mee rebus.

Natalie Teo |
May 4, 2023, 3:05 pm

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You might have heard of Darryl Ian Koshy’s—better known as Dee Kosh—51-minute tell-all video on his side of the story, following his release from prison.

Dee Kosh’s 51-minute tell-all video summarised in 7 points


A 3 minute summary of Dee Kosh’s tell-all video #tiktoksg #fyp

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On Apr. 26, Darryl was a guest on Plan B, a Singapore-based podcast run by hosts Dzar Ismail and Darren Mak.

In the two-part podcast, the 34-year-old spoke about his motivations for putting up the video, his experience in prison, and his plans for the future.

Why he made the video

“Before I did that video… my head is always on the floor… I don’t want to see people looking at me. I don’t want to hear what people are saying about me,” Darryl said.

He also said that he would walk far away when he saw a group of secondary school boys, not because he felt guilty for being attracted to them, but because he felt “ashamed”.

When he was out with his family, he would wear a cap, so that they wouldn’t have to be seen with him.

Making the video, Darryl explained, was “cathartic”, because he was able to tell his side of the story, instead of it being pieced together by rumours and the media narrative.


Ep.557: Dee Kosh shares about what he and his family had to grapple with in light of the criminal procedings against him, how an experience with a clinically diagnosed paedophillic disorder inmate made him want to never again be associated with such individuals, but also how he has to accept society’s judgement of him. Listen to the full Plan B podcast on Spotify. https://spotify.link/ijaMokHuyyb #planbsg #sgnews #deekosh

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He asserted that he did not accept the label of being a paedophile, and pointed to two official diagnostic tests he had done that proved his point.

“I cannot live the rest of my life… I cannot die a paedophile… I refuse to die a paedophile.” he said.

Darryl then went on to relate a story about meeting an actual paedophile while in prison.

A fellow prisoner had confessed to him that he used to be a teacher, and he had sex with young boys.

“He started saying things like, ‘Oh so how young do you like them?'” Darryl related.

The former teacher also asked to keep in contact after Darryl got out.

The encounter, Darryl says, made him feel sick, and spurred him on to tell his side of the story.

“These are the people and this is the perception that people have of me… This is the reason why I need to suck up whatever anxiety I have to get out there and make sure my story is out.”

His time in prison

When asked about his takeaways from going through jail time, Darryl said that it was a “humbling” experience.

“I’ve always been part of this echelon in Singapore society… I forgot what it felt to be human. So when you go to jail… there’s something very beautiful about when you meet with other people, other men who have everything stripped away.”

Despite being at the “lowest”, Darryl said, he’d “never felt more human”.


Ep.557: What’s the take aways going through jail time? Dee Kosh explains. Listen to the full Plan B podcast on Spotify. https://spotify.link/ijaMokHuyyb #planbsg #sgnews #deekosh

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On a lighter note, he also talked about making friends in prison, some of whom he still hangs out with today.

The ventilation was great too, apparently.

The YouTuber reported that he was not able to smell anything, even when his cellmate was taking a dump in the cell.

He also shared the recipe for prison mee rebus, which involves Teh-O, sambal chilli and mee goreng provided at lunchtime.

Sadly, it tastes nothing like actual mee rebus, according to Darryl.

Not ready to face the world

The influencer also confessed that towards the end of his sentence, he did not feel ready to “face the world”.

He even considered getting his sentence extended:

“All have to do is just touch an officer… just push or something [and it’s a] one-week extension… Suck a dick, [it’s] one month.”

Nevertheless, the opportunity to tell his story was “what really pushed [him] to go outside.”

Hoping to work at a call centre

Now that he’s a free man, Darryl spends his time doing freelance production work, although he declined to reveal who his clients were.

Darryl is no longer able to make money via ads and sponsors, as his YouTube account, along with ten years of videos, has been taken down.

He also disclosed that he had tried to start a company with a friend recently, but was rejected by every bank that they applied to set up a bank account with.

Curiously, after his name was taken off the application, they were able to get it approved within 24 hours.

Darryl further revealed that he had sent out three résumés, and was hoping to work at a call centre.

“I’m super down to just lay low, get a job, nine-to-five. Have people that I love around me…live my life like a normal person,” he said.

Advice for the audience

Towards the end of the podcast, Darryl was asked if he had any parting words for the audience.

“If you want to hit anyone up for sex, ask them for the Singpass… Make sure they’re of age,” he joked.

Top image via Plan B’s TikTok and Dee Kosh’s Instagram.

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