Debbie Soon becomes best wife ever for buying husband JianHao Tan million dollar dream car

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Fasiha Nazren |
April 4, 2023, 4:51 pm

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If your partner’s special day is coming soon, you should keep them off the internet for a while because Debbie Soon, the wife of YouTuber JianHao Tan, has just spoiled the market massively.

Debbie, who is also an influencer and owner of jewellery brand The Starry Co., bought JianHao his dream car as a birthday gift.


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She collected the car from Hype Cars, a car dealership that JianHao owns.

Video from @debbwie on Instagram.

Major flex

But getting that car for her spouse is still a major flex.

Now, we’re no car experts but several comments have revealed that it’s a Mercedes-AMG G 63:

That’s already an impressive SUV, with a new model costing S$954,888.

A second-hand car ranges between S$370,00 and S$977,988.

The higher end of the range happens to be the more luxurious Premium Plus model.

But the car also looks like it’s adorned with an identifiable Brabus bonnet, which likely means that it’s fully restored by them.

Brabus is a German automotive brand that restores and modifies Mercedes-Benz cars.

And that means it costs more $$$.

Too stunned to speak

While most people sang praises for Debbie, saying its a sweet gesture from a wife to her husband, there are of course some naysayers:

Others also pointed out that she makes her own money too, because she is a business owner herself:

And hey, she managed to pleasantly surprise her husband.


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A post shared by JIANHAO TAN (@thejianhaotan)

According to JianHao’s Instagram post, he was “too stunned to speak” and hence didn’t show much of a reaction outwardly.

Video from @debbwie on Instagram.

He also felt a cocktail of emotions:

“Excitement, being proud of her, feeling that she shouldn’t spend so much on me and also stressing about where to park it.”

Top image from @thejianhaotan and @debbwie on Instagram.

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