Daryl Aiden Yow raises over S$12,000 to help Melissa Koh with late son’s medical bills

Using his platform to do good.

Fasiha Nazren |
April 10, 2023, 3:30 pm

Singaporean influencer Melissa Koh announced the loss of her second child, Asher Matthias Chen, via an Instagram Story on Apr. 7, 2023.

He was a year and nine months old.

Photo from @melissackoh on Instagram.

Born with heart condition

Asher was born with a heart condition that required urgent medical attention.

At just one day old, he underwent open heart surgery. He was discharged from the hospital a month later.

Before turning one, he had already gone for three open heart surgeries.


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It’s common knowledge that raising a child in Singapore is not cheap. We’d imagine that it’s much costlier to raise a child with a health condition.

Hopes to raise S$20,000

Perhaps that’s why Melissa’s friend and fellow influencer, Daryl Aiden Yow, decided to crowdfund to aid with Asher’s treatment and hospital bills.

Daryl posted an Instagram Story announcing the crowdfund on Apr. 8.

Screenshot from @darylaiden on Instagram

Here’s a summary of his Instagram Story:

  • Daryl attended Asher’s wake and found out more about what Melissa, her husband James and their family went through raising Asher
  • He learnt that Asher’s treatments and hospitalisations were “astronomically high”
  • Using his platform to “do good”, Daryl opened a separate bank account to start a crowdfund and help with the bills
  • He hopes to reach S$20,000, which is “not even close” to 10% of the total bill

The QR code to the fund will expire after seven days and donors will receive a PDF of the statement once the crowdfund concludes.

Screenshot from @darylaiden on Instagram

In a follow-up Instagram Story, Daryl clarified that Melissa is aware of this initiative.

“It is not in my place to reveal anything that Melissa has shared with me in private as a friend. She will reveal whatever she’s comfortable with if she ever feels ready to. But it’s in my place to reach out a helping hand when someone I care about is at her lowest.”

The influencer added that he will openly and publicly share how much has been raised from the crowdfunding.

Despite fears of potential backlash, Daryl feels that the fundraiser is the right thing to do as a friend, emphasising that all proceeds will go to Melissa.

Raised more than S$12,000

On Apr. 9, Daryl updated that he has collected a total of S$12,391.21 so far.

Screenshot from @darylaiden on Instagram

Donors will receive a copy of the e-statement by end April, Daryl said, adding that Melissa has access to the bank account and recognised some of the donors while scrolling through the transactions.

However, some may not understand why an influencer requires crowdfunding to help pay off medical bills.

In fact, Daryl said, he wished he could explain why he was helping Melissa, but finds it more appropriate for Melissa to share more about it when she’s ready.

“I promise it’ll make a lot more sense.”

Top image from @melissackoh and @darylaiden on Instagram.

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