Chinese man, who was kidnapped as child & adopted by billionaire family, returns to multi-millionaire birth parents

Straight out of a drama series.

Fasiha Nazren |
February 14, 2023, 7:33 pm

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A man in China has chosen to leave his billionaire adoptive parents and return to his multi-millionaire biological family.

Mei Zhiqiang, 27, grew up with a wealthy family in Fujian province.

Photo from Weibo.

This adoptive family consists of his parents, two older sisters and one younger brother.

Upon graduating secondary school, Zhiqiang didn’t further his studies, and worked at his adoptive family’s hospital instead.

In an interview with Jiupai News, he said that he always had a feeling that he didn’t belong.

That feeling turned out to be right.

Kidnapped when he was two

While it was not explained how he found out he was adopted, he reunited with his biological parents in June 2022 after a DNA test.

Photo from Weibo.

His parents, who are from Yunnan province, found out that they had matching DNA with the help of a friend, Du Xiaohua, who was also looking for his son who was abducted 12 years ago.

According to Jiupai News, Zhiqiang was kidnapped by human traffickers when he was barely over two years old in 1997.

He was playing outside his home in Yunnan province.

A report by SCMP said that the adoptive billionaire family adopted him after another family who bought him from the human traffickers wanted to abandon him because he was “too thin and small”.

Bought a house hoping he’ll return

After his disappearance, Zhiqiang’s biological family never stopped looking for him.

They would buy a cake every year on his birthday. However, they couldn’t bear to eat the cake as they were too sad to do so.

The family even bought him a house, hoping he would come home one day.

Thankfully, there is a happy ending for this multimillionaire family.

Now, Zhiqiang works for his family business, dealing with hotel supplies.

Photo from Weibo.

As the eldest son, his father is also grooming him to take over the business one day.

Money can’t buy love

Although he aims to live a “simple and ordinary life”, Zhiqiang said he wanted to share his compelling tale to raise awareness of child trafficking in China.

Photo from Weibo.

In the interview, Zhiqiang’s birth father said: “No matter how rich they are, their love is different from ours – the love of birth parents.”

Top image screenshot from Weibo.

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