So Long

‘We are being respectful of all guidelines & grounds’: M’sian influencer Ms Puiyi on acting debut in controversial horror movie ‘Pulau’

A week before the movie was set to be released in Malaysia, 10 scenes had to be cut for it to get a ...

‘I’m not like other girls’: What are pick-me girls & why do we find them unlikeable?

Can't live with them, can't live without them.

STFU about mouse moments, I love eating out alone

Normalise doing things alone.

S’pore influencers are promoting a S$3,000 massage that gives you a small faceā€”but does it work?

What? Why? How?

Yakult ladies: How a fermented milk drink gave women a taste of financial freedom in the 70s

Not just a mixer for your soju.

Even in my 30s, I’m still learning to love my body.

How do you unlearn what you've been taught about how you should look?

Now that we’re no longer in a pandemic, can we stop using QR code menus?

I miss physical menus.