‘I always choose bad guys’: S’pore woman receives flak for TikTok street interview, but there’s more to it

26 seconds is not long enough to answer this question.

Natalie Teo |
April 13, 2023, 4:08 pm

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A street interviewee has received much flak on TikTok after sharing her candid answer on why girls choose to date “toxically masculine” guys.

When quizzed by the host, YouTuber Imran Shamer, the woman responded: “I always choose bad guys.”

“I have dated… a nice guy before, but… it’s very boring,” she sheepishly admits.

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The 26-second clip has garnered about 78,000 views to date, with most people in the comments section responding negatively to her opinion.

Some even called her a “red flag”.

Is it really that simple?

Presented without context, her response to the question is indeed disappointing.

The clip, however, is just a snippet of a longer interview that is possibly too long for the average TikTok user’s attention span.

In the full interview on YouTube, she goes on to explain her view on nice guys being “boring”:

“Humans in general… we kind of want what we can’t have, so if you’re too available and you give everything that someone wants, they’ll kinda take advantage of it.”

The video, titled “Why Do Girls Date Toxic Men?”, features Imran interviewing women on their views on men and toxic masculinity.

What else did she say?

When asked about what constitutes toxic masculinity, the woman lists overprotectiveness, over-dominance, not respecting women and objectifying women as key traits.

She went onto describe toxic femininity as “when girls take advantage of men,” as well as those who “expect men to provide but they don’t really offer anything”.

Imran also asked about why she thought toxic masculinity was more talked about than toxic femininity.

She responded that women now have more avenues to speak about feminism, and platforms like TikTok have enabled women to share about their bad experiences with men.

When asked if she had any advice for those looking to find love, this is what she had to say:

“Love [doesn’t] last… I think finding someone that is responsible and can commit is more important.”

You can watch the rest of the interview (6:18 onwards) here:

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Top image via Imran Shamer’s YouTube.

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