Mandy How

Everything wrong with removing words like ‘fat’ & ‘ugly’ from Roald Dahl’s books

An exercise in inclusion that requires... exclusion?

A S’pore-based Twitch streamer is selling her farts in a jar for S$30. We have so many questions.

Alternative income stream.

Marie Kondo no longer tidies up house as much after 3rd kid, & quite reasonably so


OREO makes the most OREO OREO they’ve ever made

That's too many of the same word in the headline.

Did Jay Chou just take a dig at S’pore audiences during his M’sia concert?

Might be several digs, actually.

Jesseca Liu talks PTSD from car accident & being in S’pore’s first monster movie

The two are related. Kinda.

Influencers now have to apologise for looking good after childbirth

Sucks to be in the public eye.