Fasiha Nazren

‘I’m not like other girls’: What are pick-me girls & why do we find them unlikeable?

Can't live with them, can't live without them.

Netflix is casting for Single’s Inferno 3 and we guess who’s going to join

Hot people only.

McDonald’s Korea x NewJeans collab doesn’t even have special packaging but people are buying it anyway

Hype burger.

Now that we’re no longer in a pandemic, can we stop using QR code menus?

I miss physical menus.

K-pop giant Hybe buys SM Entertainment founder’s shares, SM CFO calls it a ‘hostile takeover’

Very complicated.

These Bangladeshi singers have an MV that look suspiciously similar to BTS RM’s


Too young? A 14-year-old Thai girl is debuting as a K-pop idol after 2 years of training.

That's the age of a secondary two student.