We try & rank ALL 15 pretzel flavours from Auntie Anne’s S’pore

All for science.

Mandy How |
September 27, 2022, 6:38 am

We’re not starting a cult but some followers on Instagram would be nice. Thank you.

With new outlets and halal certification, Auntie Anne’s has seen quite the revival in Singapore in the past year.

Which is why we thought it’d be a good time to try alllllll pretzel flavours (15 in total) from the brand and rank them.

Purely for research purposes, of course.

There’s only 12 pretzels in this photos because not all flavours were available that day.

Note: only pretzels are included in this list, not stix and bites.

How the ranking system works

Every pretzel flavour is tried by three people, who each give it a score out of 10.

The individual scores are combined to give it an overall score upon 30.

Flavours with the same scores were ranked again among the three people, with the most preferred flavour given the highest rank. Here are the results, from the best to worst.

#1 (Winner!): Almond crunch

Score: 24.5/30

To nobody’s surprise, the slightly sweet nutty flavour works really well on warm dough.

Plus points for texture, too. One of us thinks she might even change her regular order of parmesan cheese this. Or maybe not.

Some choice quote(s): “Tastes like walking into the cinema.”

#2 (Runner-up): Chocolate mint

Score: 24/30

It was a very close fight with almond crunch. Hard to imagine how mint would work on a pretzel, hard to remember even after trying it, but it somehow came together.

Some choice quote(s): “At least not like you[‘re] brushing your teeth.”

#3 (Second Runner-up): Cinnamon sugar

Score: 23/30

A safe choice anywhere else, but Auntie Anne’s execution is clearly somewhere up there.

It’s not a flavour that can be tolerated cold, however, so buy this only if you can eat it on the spot.

The next two flavours earned the same scores, but ranked lower in the tie-breaker round.

Some choice quote(s): N.A.

#4: Parmesan cheese

Score: 23/30

One of us ate this for years. She will continue to eat it for years. The others are pleasantly pleased with its salty, salty profile.

Some choice quote(s): “[During the tie-breaker round] Huh parmesan cheese is last for you??”

#5 Chocolate eclair

Score: 23/30

Is it sacrilegious to say that the chocolate coating might actually work better with pretzel dough than with choux pastry? Some choice quote(s): “Hmm not cheap chocolate.”

#6 Sour cream & onion

Score: 22.5/30

Sour cream & onion is a great seasoning, but we were a little iffy about it being on a pretzel. It turned out to be pretty good, but we’re not sure if it that fondness will last us the entire pretzel, if you know what we mean.

Some choice quote(s): “It just tastes like the potato chip seasoning.”

#7: Sesame

Score: 18.5/30

We had to wait 15 mins for this to be prepared, perhaps because it isn’t a popular enough flavour.

You might also notice that this is probably the widest score gap for a flavour one rank down. Sure enough, its flavour profile was slightly jarring, as we are more used to sesame in Chinese snacks and desserts.

If you like a slightly nutty and toasty flavour on top of your pretzel, however, this should be up your alley.

Some choice quote(s): “Actually, I don’t like sesame. But ok lah, 6/10.”

#8 Cinnamon raisin

Score: 17.5/30

Cinnamon on its own is great, but we’re not sure about the addition of raisins. In this case, since the raisins are embedded within the pretzel (instead of being studded on the surface), it’s a bit like finding peas in your food.

Some choice quote(s):

“Indifferent towards the raisin. Have then have don’t have then don’t have.”

“Quite an unnecessary pretzel flavour”

#9 Zesty roselle

Score: 17/30

It’s probably a flavour that we would go our entire lives without trying if not for this article.

While there’s a mild curiosity surrounding the flavour, we typically wouldn’t pass up our usual flavour and risk a potentially unsatisfying pretzel.

It wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t memorable, either, with a vaguely sour tinge from the roselle. We didn’t mind trying it once, but probably wouldn’t order it again.

Some choice quote(s): “Tastes like scented tissue.”

#10 Raisin

Score: 17/30

There’s nothing much to go on about—even the most unimaginative will be able to conjure this in their mind.

A bit of a “not here not there” option.

Some choice quote(s): N.A.

#11 Cheezy turkey

Score: 15/30

Barely making it to the passing mark is cheezy turkey, which is neither adequately cheesy or turkey-ish, sadly. For something that’s about S$4 a pop, we’d expect it to value add a bit more in terms of taste.

Some choice quote(s): “Might as well go downstairs bread shop.”

#12: Original

Score: 14.5/30

For some reason the original pretzel fared more poorly than the cheezy turkey in terms of score, but we’ll take it over cheezy turkey any day. Overall, we let down by a lack of flavour in the pretzel, and felt that it tasted too much like plain bread.

Some choice quote(s): “I think not salty enough.”

#13 Seaweed

Score 13.5/30

Seaweed nice, pretzel good. Put together, strangely, not as good. Will probably get seaweed stuck in your teeth.

Some choice quote(s): “Too salty.”

#14 Garlic

Score: 10/30

We were quite excited to try this, but our grand illusions of garlic bread on crack were quickly shattered. While it smelt strongly of garlic when we unwrapped it, the taste didn’t quite come through when we ate it, compounding our disappointment.

Some choice quote(s): “I can taste it in my nose but not in my mouth.”

#15 Matcha green tea

Score: 6/30

Coming in last is the matcha green tea flavour, which tasted like anything but proper matcha. It’s a hard pass for us.

Some choice quote(s): “Fake matcha.”

The official-official rank

To benchmark our tastebuds against the general population in Singapore, we reached out to Auntie Anne’s to find out more about their popular flavours.

A spokesperson for the brand revealed that their best-selling flavour is cinnamon sugar, along with almond crunch and parmesan cheese rounding up the top three spots.

Seems like our tastebuds are pretty representative.

An unexpectedly popular, or “dark horse” flavour would be seaweed, with the spokesperson adding that it was actually a locally inspired flavour created by the brand’s Singapore founder.

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